Wekfest Hawaii with Forjworks

Wekfest Hawaii with Forjworks

I thought that I was due for a quick getaway from the daily grind, do a little R and R, good food, drinks, great desserts and listening to the relaxing sound of the ocean... I had Hawaii in mind all along.  This being my second time visiting Hawaii, I was hoping to schedule my visit where I can witness the automotive styling of the Hawaiians, which I've only heard about and seen on website.  As I've arranged my visit, I was told that Wekfest will happen the same weekend.  I've decided that this will be a great opportunity to see some Hawaiian styled cars as well as do an event write-up for DaYUUM.


My first and second day in Hawaii were all about having some fun under the sun, good eats - Zippy's covered that... and enjoying some good famous shaved ice.


Saturday night, I met up with the men behind Forjworks, Paul Higashi and Marshall Lum, up in Pearl City.  They were getting a matte black wrapped G35 ready for Wekfest and laying the vinyl roll call.  Here I also met the guys from Memoryfab.  They too are in town for Wekfest Hawaii.  Marshall toured me around the shop. I learned that Forjworks is a machine/ custom fabrication shop. They own multiple machining equipment such as - lathe, mill, 5 axis CNC machine and multiple presses to cater the custom fabrication needs of the automotive industry as well as the naval industry in Pearl Harbor.  With the equipment that the shop owns, they are able to design and make custom parts especially for any air ride installation that they specialize in.

Forjworks coming from the words Forge and Works where Forge  ~ Forging, is a common process used in metals, means to enhance the metal's grain structure and physical properties.  Common materials that Forjworks use in the shop are Billet steel or stainless steel. Forjworks also specializes in molding eyelids, taillight covers and fender flares for various cars.

As we walked around the shop, Marshall showed me one of the most talked about Ruckus’ on the island and the mainland. They've fabricated this Ruck and installed the first Forjworks Honda Ruckus air ride kit.  The owner, Ken, added custom alloy wheels, extended rear frame, chromed kickstand, custom front forks, upgraded brake kit, custom alligator skin seat, custom pearl white paint and exhaust.  The Ruck will just catch your attention not only because of its loud exhaust notes but because of the overall build itself.

Marshall then showed me his newly installed AirRex Air Suspension System kit for his 2nd Gen xB.  His air suspension kit is also equipped with a wireless remote to dial in the desired stance of the car.  Moreover, the dampening can also be adjusted.  Dumped to the ground, the xB just sits “like a Bawss”.  I was very impressed with the AirRex System on how it ran so smoothly during operation.  We wrapped up the night by loading things needed for Sunday’s big event, Wekfest Hawaii.

The next day I met up with Marshall and Paul at Auto Customs Shop about a mile away from my hotel.  My eye readily glued on two unfamiliar platforms for car enthusiast – Toyota Sienna Minivans - the Swagger Wagons.  Forjworks just recently completed two custom air ride kits for the Sienna.  The first kit went to the gun metallic grey Sienna own by Auto Customs shop owner Jon.  Jon’s Toyota Sienna is a 2011 SE trim.  With the wagon’s already aggressive look, Jon added a set of 5 Spoke 20in. VVSCV3 Vossen wheels to complete its perfect stance, sporty look and validate that it is a true Swagger Wagon. Seeing this at Auto Customs, I knew first hand that this will be the talk of the show.

Another set of Forjworks’ custom Air Suspension kit went to Ryan's Silver 2011 Toyota Wagon.  This Sienna is subtle and elegant with its polished wheels but you can't ignore how dumped it was.

As I walked around the parking lot, I can’t help but notice the slammed Audi A4.  The A4 was owned by Roger who had just purchased the car two months ago.  Completely dropped using the AirRex Suspension kit with Rotiform’s 18x8.5 +35 offset all around - this car just captured the new Audi styling that is so popular today. Roger plans to continue building his car with authentic exterior euro aero parts and install simple bolt-on performance parts to the A4.

Also at the parking lot were Auto Customs’ customer cars such as a Lamborgini with Volks VR Matte black wheels.

As we set up at the parking structure where Wekfest was held, I can't overlook Blaine’s stylin' GS350.  As a Lexus / Toyota fanatic as myself, Blaine’s GS is just screamed elegance.  Similar to Roger’s A4, the GS is also equipped with an AirRex Air ride kit.  The big bodied lexus also had a subtle lip kit and 20x9 - 20x10.5 Silver InCurve deep concave wheels that complemented the whole look of the car which was all about class and style.

As I made my rounds at Wekfest,  I saw Pat’s TSX.  I met Pat the night before during my visit at the Forjworks shop.  Pat’s TSX had a Mugen kit, Work wheels and an insane rear camber.  Unlike Roger and Blaine’s rides, Pat’s car is equipped with an Air runner suspension kit to finish off the overall look and stance of this badass ride.  His TSX well-defined the Hellaflush movement and styling.  Pat also excitedly represented DaYUUM Hawaii style - Mahalo Pat!

At wekfest, there was a good mix of cars that filled the 5th, 6th and top floors of the parking structure.  I witnessed how Hawaiians go all out on their rides, VIP cars were like Yakuza fleet cars.

AE86 crew were also in full force to show what they got.

All kinds of insane and sexy Nissan S-chassis rides were at the event as well.

The Goodlife crew were reppin as well with a booth and Dj set up.

A carshow won't be complete without some eye-candy, and the lovely Ms. Elissa Alva definitely filled that.  She was selling and signing autographs at the Wekfest booth.

I was surely impressed with the cars that I saw at Wekfest.  Hawaiians truly go all out when it comes to their cars.  I thank the guys from Forjworks for letting us hang out with them.  They really are experts at what they do and they know how to get cars to look "Sick" and well done.  Marshall described it best when he said "Forjworks don't just put bolt on kits on vehicles (especially when installing Air Ride kits) but we fabricate parts to work and fit correctly on a specific car or bike."

As the day ended, I also came to realize that I only have a few hours in Hawaii.  I had such a good time during my short stay; chillaxing, enjoying the food, beach, cars and company of my new found friends in Hawaii.  I know that it will not be the last but have no doubt that I will see you again...Hawaii, Mahalo... Until the next one... Peace! -jp







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