Dave's RWB "Diesel" New Jersey 001

Dave's RWB "Diesel" New Jersey 001


Tom M.


Tyler H.

.At a young age of 5,


eyeballed a red 964, asked his dad what type of car it was and the rest is now history. Dad’s solid advice given at the time set the foundation for what you see today, Dave’s 1989 3.2 Carrera Targa.In 2009, Dave stumbled upon Nakai-san’s “Stella Artois”, it was “love at first sight”, Dave recites.In 2010, the introduction of RWB USA with

Mark Arcenal

's "

Pandora One

" pushed Dave to set a goal. His goal was, within 10 years he will build one.

In August of 2018, we introduce you “Diesel”, sitting comfortable on 3-piece Fifteen52 Formula TR with Toyo R888R. Upgraded torsion bars with full poly bushings and Koni Sport Shocks; Elephant racing camber plates and a 3 point strut brace round out the corners.

The open air experience and curved rear glass attracted Dave to his 930. The lack of driving aides gave him a raw driving experience which was perfect for his street build.

The engine was massaged with 964 cams, 930 oil pump ,SSI heat exchangers, M&K Exhaust and custom tune all handled by ROCS Motorsports in Belleville, NJ.

The build is an emotional one. Dave’s special moment was witnessing the car community from all different platforms, coming together to experience his build – and lent a helping hand.

It's unbelievable to see one man’s talent bringing the community together, and from what I hear, it’s impactful. That man is Nakai-san.So, what was the advice Dave’s dad gave him at 5 years old? “If I studied and worked hard, I can afford one in the future.”I would concluded that it was a solid advice.Dave gives special thanks to:


for the amazing wheels,

ROCS Motorsports

for the motor build, Pino from


for the amazing paint job,


for hosting, and everyone that came out to support the build.Now, I present you the amazing photoset of Diesel by Tom Murray (



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